Five Most Effective Home Remedies for Lips Cracking in Corners

Some cracks, scales and dryness patches begin to appear on your lips when your body suffers from dehydration or lack of water. Never forget that our body is made of 70% water, it needs this natural element for survival, renewal and hydration. If somehow you fail to take good amount of water daily, your lips would chap, get dried out completely and would bleed in severe cases. The bleeding usually starts when the cracks appear on the over dry area.

Here are five most effective home remedies for lips cracking in corners:

Five Most Effective Home Remedies for Lips Cracking in Corners

Water Intake and Juices:

It’s understandable why you are not taking much water during winter, it’s already cold outside and you don’t feel thirsty at all. There is still dryness on your skin and you don’t know how to treat it without drinking much water. The better way to solve it out is intake of warm water.  We all love hot coffees and teas in winter,  but how about replacing the tea by hot water only. The hot water would work the same way, it will also improve your digestion system.

Water Intake and Juices
Intake Juices

Make some nice smoothies by blending seasonal fruits together in milk and water to provide some liquid to the body.   Water is one of the most effective home remedies for lips cracking in corners.

Glycerin solution

The glycerin is an over the counter solution used for a variety of skin conditions, you can mix one drop of glycerin in a small amount of Vaseline to make a smooth mixture. Apply it all over the lips before sleeping. The cracks would heal faster.

Glycerin solution

Petroleum Jelly

The jelly can be applied as it is. These days the product is available all over in form of natural chap sticks. Just apply the jelly two to three times a day.


Scrubbing and Brushing

Apply a good moisturizer on the lips and massage on the area. The moisturizer should be soft and milky, rub it on the lips until the dryness comes off of the surface of the lips. You can use tooth brush to peel the outer layer of the lips naturally by gently brushing up and down on the moisturizer.

Lip Palm with Castor Oil

Use a good lip palm at night and apply one drop of castor oil on it. Sleep tight. When you will wake up in the morning, you will see that the superficial layer of dryness is coming off itself. Just rub the area to clean the surface of the lips.

Lip Palm with Castor Oil

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